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Neuropathy is a type of nerve damage, which can lead to weakness or pain in the hands and feet.

Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain is a painful condition that can make it difficult to work, exercise, or enjoy your favorite activities.

Frozen Shoulder

If you’re over the age of 30, have rotator cuff problems or arthritis, there is hope for you without having to have surgery.


Wellness is about taking control of your health by achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Our Mission is to Restore your health, Rejuvenate your life and Revitalize your body!

At Chronic Conditions Center, we focus on taking care of patients with chronic pain syndromes that nobody else has been able to help. For the patients that we are able to accept into our programs, we take a functional and regenerative medicine approach to achieve the greatest results possible. To learn more, click on the condition that you suffer from to find out if you might be a candidate for care.


Our Process is Very Simple
We have made the process in our office very simple and straightforward. In order to determine if you might be a candidate for one of our care programs, we have created a very simple, three step process:

1. FREE PHONE CONSULTATION: Every patient begins with a Free 15 minute phone consultation to determine what your problem is, whether or not our clinic might have an appropriate therapy for you and whether or not you might be a candidate for care.

2. EXAM: If we determine that you do not have any obvious contraindications to care, we may then recommend that you come into the office for an extended consultation and examination to see if we can accept your case.

3. REPORT OF FINDINGS: Once the exam is completed, if your health challenge is a good match for the type of treatments that we utilize, we will make recommendations for care and go over options with you.


Experienced Team


  • Dr. Hamra has been practicing medicine for 31 years.
  • Dr. Margaret Andrews has been in practice for 14 years.
  • Dr. Kuhn has been practicing Chiropractic and Functional Medicine for two decades.

Professional & Friendly Staff

Our staff is always willing to serve you and answer any questions

Certifications & Training

  • Board Certified in Integrative Medicine (BCIM)
  • Diplomate in Whole Medical Systems
  • A graduate of American Functional Neurology Institute (AFNI)
  • Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry Graduate

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"I've had an unbelievable experience after having connective tissue therapy. I'm walking with less pain and my stamina has improved tremendously. It's been a great experience."



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