Peripheral Neuropathy

Neuropathy only gets worse over time. Diabetes is the number one cause of neuropathy, but is not the only cause. A lot of things can damage a nerve and can cause neuropathy damage. You can be a pre-diabetic and still develop neuropathy. Number two on the list is poor circulation. If you are not getting proper blood flow to your peripheral nerves, neuropathy can develop. Number three is chemotherapy drugs.

About 40% to 50% of all chemo patients end up with neuropathy because the medication has damaged their nerves.

Neck and back problems like spinal stenosis, disc problems, surgeries, hip and knee replacements often lead to neuropathy.

Auto immune diseases like lupus, infections like staph infections, alcohol and cigarette smoking can all damage nerves.

One of the newest issues is that many medications on the market can cause damage to the nerves! Doctors are giving patients medications to help one problem, and at the same time, causing the patient to incur a whole new problem.




Burning pain
Sharp electrical pain
Difficulty walking
Loss of balance
Symptoms traveling up the legs over time
Pain that is worse at night


This is the biggest fear of most neuropathy patients.  Unless the appropriate actions are taken to fix it, the problem will continue to get worse as time goes on.  Sadly, most neuropathy patients are told that there is nothing that can be done for them.  In the traditional medicine model, that might be true, but utilizing Functional & Regenerative Medicine can bring incredible changes to the lives of neuropathy patients.

At Chronic Conditions Center, we have been taking care of neuropathy patients for years with fantastic results.  Each patient is approached for their individual needs based upon the cause of their neuropathy.  We use a well-rounded program that is designed to address each component of the nerve in order to get the maximum healing possible.

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